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Exposed: Richard Muhangi, Man At Helm Of Office Misuse And Sex Scandals At National Water And Sewerage Corporation

By Our Reporter

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is the most well performing institution in Uganda and in the past 15 years it has been corruption-free, without any sort of scandals because of good top management leadership.

But one man, by the names of Richard Muhangi  has allegedly beaten all odds to become a menace to the noble institution.

Muhangi villas in Kungu-Buziga

Muhangi, in his late 40s, hails from Sheema District and is currently the senior manager NWSC for North-Eastern region but when his name is mentioned around town the first thing you hear after his too much appetite for sex is money.

Our source profiled Muhangi as incompetent manager who always absent from duty, a sex glutton who uses fresh recruits and sleeps with them promising them promotion and a very corrupt man.

In this article we shall tackle one segment at a time.


Sources reveal that before Muhangi was transferred to northern Uganda he used to sit at the Kampala office but female employees there suffered. Our investigator managed to talk to one his victims who preferred anonymity, a young lady in her 20s, who cried while narrating how the man harassed her and others for sex.

She said she has never seen a sex glutton like Muhangi;  “The man loves sex like food. He would even beg to be given some in the office,” the young lady said.

Some of the ladies managed to raise complaints against him and top management intervened. They warned him that if he didn’t  stop his bad habits he would face the Disciplinary Committee. Following the accusations, top management called a crisis meeting to address the issue and they resolved to reduce powers of senior managers or Directors from promoting or transferring anyone and a board responsible for that was formed.

Muhangi’s Family Care Hospital in Buwate-Najeera

Another victim of Muhangi told our reporter that he always made sure women were appointed managers in Kampala area with an aim of having them laid.

That’s why most Kampala water managers are women compared to managers in other areas.


Muhangi is reportedly the most and only incompetent man NWSC has at senior level. It is said that while at the Kampala office he would report late to work and sometimes be absent without explanation, which prompted the top management to transfer him to northern Uganda.

But that didn’t help or yield any positive results; instead he made more mistakes and the top management is considering relieving him of his duties.

Out of incompetence there are so many incidences that need him as an immediate supervisor to oversee but he failed to deliver. For example, the Manafwa floods which swept away the water systems (pipeline) and Lira floods; as the Area Senior Manager he failed to respond to the situation and local leaders had to complain to the top management of NWSC who rushed to the area and solved the problem. The locals in Manafwa were heard telling the top managers from head office who went to their rescue that Muhangi should be transferred with immediate effect.


Around 2008 when Muhangi was still a junior officer earning less than Shs2m per month he surprised many people by amassing a lot of wealth. In the same year he built multibillion luxurious apartments in Najeera-Buwate, which were later changed into a state of art hospital called Family Care Hospital.

Richard Muhangi’s home in Najeera

Using Minister Elioda Tumwesigye, who also hails from Sheema District, the President was invited to commission the hospital, not knowing it belongs to a junior officer who had embezzled tax payers’ money in billions.

By 2010 he was the Commercial Manager NWSC and after that appointment he did the unthinkable; the Commercial Office was responsible for collecting money from clients for water bills because by then NWSC had not introduced e-pay and banking system for clients.

Muhangi allegedly used this opportunity to embezzle as much as he could. His office would at least collect Shs3Bn per week and he would find a way of pocketing some and on top of that he would use the institution’s money for money lending so as to make profit through interest and he would return it later.

So through using the stolen money Muhangi acquired multibillion properties ranging from apartments in Kisasi and Kungu-Buziga,  two state of art residential homes, a 3 star hotel in mbarara and different farms in Bushenyi and Sembabule.

He also acquired Canadian citizenship after he purchased a home worth USD500,000 in Ontario Canada.

By 2015 he was estimated to be worth Shs40Bn and would brag to his friends that he is richer than most ministers.

When the top management learnt about his dubious deals and shoddy work they resolved to drop the old system of payment and started using the bank and mobile money.

Richard Muhangi (3rd L) and others with First Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Muhangi put up a serious fight against the top management then headed by Dr William Muhairwe who was the managing director NWSC, although he was over powered.

Because of the bitterness  he felt, Muhangi quit his job and flew to Canada with his family, only to return later after 4 years and beg management to take him back, saying he was a reformed and changed man.

Since then he has been a bitter man, often blaming the top management for his shortcomings and our sources have learnt that he is behind the current false allegations circulating on social media about the Shs17Bn water billing scandal at NWSC.

He is doing all this because he was transferred to northern Uganda and he is on last warning. One investigator also managed to talk to one of managers at NWSC who said that “Let Muhangi focus on his job. No one is fighting him. His incompetence and indiscipline are his responsibility. He should stop his tricks of using the media to taint the image of NWSC as an institution.”

He further said that NWSC as an institution has its principles and transparency is one of them.

“We have maintained it for many years. Muhangi shouldn’t use the crooks in the media to taint the image of the institution.”

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